North Coast Accessible Homes


Finding a way to keep aging parents living in their own home is a challenge many adult children are facing.  Institutional care can be very expensive and represents a major lifestyle change. North Coast Accessible Homes works with older adults and their families to make it possible to have the freedom to stay in the home you love.

For those living with a disability, creating a barrier-free home presents a similar challenge. Once again, North Coast Accessible Homes can expertly assess the problem, and craft the optimal solution to provide a completely accessible living environment for current and future needs.

With more than 30 years experience in developing hundreds of customized homes for people who have disabilities or age related challenges, North Coast Accessible Homes is uniquely qualified to design and make the modifications needed to restore independence and maintain the security and comfort one’s own home provides.

From designer grab bars and portable ramps to fully customized and accessible bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas, North Coast Accessible Homes is making life enhancing modifications which provide comfort, safety, independence, and peace of mind to people who want to “age in place” and to their families all across Northeast Ohio.

Visit to learn more, or call Mike Stafford at 216-365-2614 for a free evaluation of your needs.

Housing Development Gap Financing (HDGF)

The goal of the Housing Development Assistance Program (HDAP) is to provide financing for eligible affordable housing developments to expand, preserve, and/or improve the supply of decent, safe, affordable housing for very low- to moderate-income persons and households in the State of Ohio. A portion of HDAP funds are set aside for proposals including rental and homeownership developments that do not apply for tax credits. Housing Development Gap Financing (HDGF) is a potential funding source for smaller developments.

Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) releases the final guidelines for the


Housing Tax Credit Program

The Housing Tax Credit (HTC) program is a tax incentive program designed to increase the supply of quality, affordable rental housing by helping developers offset the costs of rental housing developments for individuals with low- to moderate-income. This program has been the largest driver of the production of new affordable housing in the state and nation over the past several years. Since 1987, OHFA has used the HTC Program to facilitate the development of over 89,000 affordable rental housing units in Ohio.

Housing and Urban Development Office of Community Planning and Development

HUD Office of Community Planning and Development: The HUD Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) seeks to develop viable communities by promoting integrated approaches that provide decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expand economic opportunities for low and moderate income persons. The primary means towards this end is the development of partnerships among all levels of government and the private sector, including for-profit and non-profit organizations.