Statewide Database Reports- 2014

The statewide database, funded by the Ohio DD Council, is a web-based data collection system that allows Housing Corporations to update and share housing information using the Ohio Association of County Boards of DD’s website. As information is collected, DHN is able to organize and sort information to share on the DHN website and respond to information requests from Housing Corporations and other statewide stakeholders. The data is representative of 57 Housing Corporations serving 71 of Ohio’s 88 Counties.

Statewide Occupancy and Capacity  

Property Types (developed with various resources)

Rental Subsidies

Housing Corporation Services

Certified Waiver Providers (accessibility modifications)

2009 Housing Census

This research was the first-ever survey of scattered-site, community-based, special needs housing in Ohio. It established a baseline for the number of homes and residents across the state. DHN will conduct this census every other year, with the next to be completed in early 2011.

2008 Rent Cost Study

The Rent Cost Study, funded by the Cleveland Foundation, was Ohio’s first effort at determining the true cost of managing and maintaining safe and desirable homes for people with disabilities in scattered-site, community-based rental housing. Included in the survey are detailed responses related to expenses and income per tenant, comparison to licensed homes, costs of developing suitable homes, and the level of services provided by housing corporations. Twenty-two (22) housing corporations that own and maintain properties in 32 counties responded to the survey.

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