Membership Benefits from Disability Housing Network on Vimeo.

Over the past year, DHN has had many successes. Not only have we had insightful and well-attended statewide conferences, we have completed our first year of a grant received from the DD Council for a capacity building project with Housing Corporations across the state, focusing on governance policies, housing policies, and local housing planning.

Many of your colleagues across the state believe that DHN provides tremendous value. As you can see in the enclosed map, we now have 46 housing corporations and 34 county boards supporting DHN as members, with membership now covering 60 of Ohio’s 88 counties. We hope you will join them.

DHN Membership Includes:

Organizations eligible for DHN membership are Housing Corporations that operate in the state of Ohio, Ohio County Boards of DD, and other organizations interested in the latest trends and news related to scattered-site, community-based rental housing for people with disabilities.

Contact Jacalyn Slemmer at jacalynslemmer at or 614-595-4110 if you have any questions.